My Wrong is Your(s)… Right?


Growing up in the Bronx, there are a particular set of morals and ethics unbeknownst to those that live outside of our realm. From the way we dress, talk, behave, there are a set of factors that could make us seem rather “different” from Sally Bob Joe Bob from Kentucky(just to draw a stark comparison). One infamous rule is Stepping on someones shoe. In the South Bronx, stepping on someones shoe is big no no. And the cases in which stepping on someones shoe was inevitable; lets say on a crowded bus or train, and you did not apologize, is grounds for ending up on a Worldstar post. Why am I mentioning this? Well this example is a prime case in which someones right, can be another ones wrong. Because we all live on this planet together, we are bound by the chains of survival. And in this existence, where we are unable to survive without the assistance of another human, we must deal with learning the colloquialisms that exist within our shared spaces. This applies to kids playing recess in kindergarten, all the way up to the reasons why your favorite married couple are filing for a divorce. “Okay so some people like some things, and some people like others, what is the big deal?” Well as simple as this idea may seem , it gets more complicated when you dive into the factors that make communication between parties so difficult such as tone, volume, body language, verbiage, intent, and many other factors. It makes it worse, when all of these factors are based not only on brain physiology , but how we were raised, the environment that circumferences our household , our behavior that has been altered by those we idolize , and how we feel and think about the individual. When you see the amount of different factors that can go right and wrong in a simple exchange such as stepping on someones shoe, could you imagine foreign nations dealing with diplomatic issues ? war? racism? relationships? All of these different means of communication and judgement and feelings and thoughts, leads me to believe we focus so heavy on the things that go wrong that we don’t acknowledge enough of the exchanges that go right. The definition of right and wrong are relative to the person defining. However, is there such a thing as a Universal right and a Universal wrong? Lets discuss that in the next chapter.

The Journey Begin’s Part II

*If you did not get the chance to read : “The Journey Begins” I would strongly advise you to, in order to understand the topics discussed in this chapter. *

We’ve discussed in the earlier chapter that life exists because of three things. Thinking , feeling, and perspective. And that because of these three things, there are a multitude of people that exist because everyone, thinks, and feels differently based on their background, living environment, etc. which in turn, creates a unique perspective to them. Often times, we categorize people into two groups, someone that does good and is beneficial for humanity , and someone that is bad and negatively impacts society and those around them. And often times, we look at prophets such as Jesus of Nazareth, and how he loved everyone, even his enemies, and wonder how it was possible to love someone that is hurting your mind, body, and spirit. This is where we get into the idea of balance.

Balance is defined as “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” In this case, That something would be society. and both sides of the scale would be good and bad. The definition of balance also equates to a state of harmony. Yin and Yang for example. Lets say we lived in a society where everything was good and righteous, do you believe it would defeat the purpose of living? what would death become? would it be something freeing, or something bad? Could death exist in a place where everything is good? Lets say the opposite is true, and we lived in a society where everything was bad, what would birth be? a damnation? A form of punishment? would that make death freeing? could something freeing like death , exist in a bad world? The answer is, both sides exist , to make us appreciate and understand the other. Therefore , the people that emulate these characteristics also do the same.

I think that we can all acknowledge that within ourselves there is good and bad. That we struggle between the right and wrong things to do. And in most cases, we end up performing both throughout our lifetimes depending on the situation. Since humans are a reflection of the universe we live in, wouldn’t it make sense that we emulate what the universe already has in place? Human beings that do “bad” shouldn’t be judged, because they are supposed to do bad. We always hear people say, “People that do good, shouldn’t be praised, because they are supposed to do good. People must uphold a good, moral and ethical standard!” Well what about the balance of the world? Shouldn’t people also have negative morals and ethics, to build other strong people? Without challenge, how do we grow and become the people that we admire to be? Bad people fulfill a purpose that none of us want to acknowledge. And because they do, they are something to be loved, and appreciated.

We may not all understand them, but if you’re struggling to, look within yourself. You may have committed an act that really hurt someone else. That they could never see themselves doing, relationaly speaking, you as a cheater in a marriage, is no better than an individual that murdered someone , to the individual that murdered several humans, because you all caused a level of pain that you cant empathize with, or fathom, because you aren’t the one you dealt the pain to. What this does, is allow us to put everyone on the same playing field, and therefore love them the same. Unconditional love doesn’t come in tiers. If you truly want to love everyone, you have to love EVERYONE. And it may be hard to wrap your head around, but it is the truth. Does this mean that we take away jails, and let people run around doing bad things? no. But it does mean that maybe we should change what jail is, and how we rehabilitate people and handle bad deeds as a society. Parallel to good and bad, are what is right and what is wrong. And that will be discussed, in chapter 3.

What is life REALLY all about?

I hear people ask, as I have myself, “What is life all about?”. And I think the most ironic thing about this question is that your life, is answering the question. Life is an experience. That’s something we can all agree on, right? Some would say bad, others would say good, underwhelming, exhilarating, and all things in between and beyond. One thing all humans share, is the ability to experience. We each share a unique experience. Our birth is the creation of a new set of eyes for our higher self to see through. What is this higher self? Our higher self is us. From the atoms that make us up, to the atoms that exist in the Universe, we are one. Everything is alive. Every single piece of matter vibrates. Look up the “Law of Vibration”. Everything moves, everything is alive. There are things our human eye can and cannot see. Because everything is alive it’s important to understand that everything has a unique perspective on life in the universe. Everything also has a unique perspective of death. It is that perspective, that is the experience. We often spend our whole life chasing something that is already in us, something that we already are. We spend time thinking that our way of life is right and just, when everyone exists for  a reason. There is no human life, more important than the other. Everyone fulfills a greater purpose. Everyone maintains a balance. When you die. You will understand. You already have understood. But once you are recycled back into life you are given another perspective. Another shot to have a perspective. So enjoy the one you are given now. Don’t be stuck in anguish, or hate, or guilt, for those feelings are void of love. You need to love life. Love the experience. Generate love, and receive it, and things will be better for you. Life is about living. You are what life is right now. The words are tough to find but I hope that this has given people some sort of description and idea.

The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Aron Turner – Words So Superb – Youniverse

3 important aspects of the human experience

– Thinking

– Feeling

– Perspective

Thinking is something that every human does, and it works in direct correlation with feeling. Your thoughts can influence how you feel about a situation, and in turn, your feelings can influence how you think about a situation. How and why you think how you do, is a reflection of your brain and how it was constructed at birth , the experiences that shaped how you respond and absolve situations, The perspective you remain in based on the response, and what you gather and learn from this perspective to either add to your plethora of knowledge , or ignore.

Feelings are the physical representation of thought. Feelings and thoughts both derive from the brain, and are related as such. With thoughts being the mental culmination and representation of your life, and your feelings being the physical expression of those same things. The more you are able to control your thoughts , the better you are able to deal with how you feel. You will always feel, that will never change. Feelings are the energy that pushes thoughts. The extreme compulsion and motor that drives the vehicle of perspective, with thoughts being the wheels. Feelings are very powerful, and should be respected as such.

Perspective is a unique energy signature given to every human being at birth. Just like a fresh set of eyes, or lungs, the ability to breath is the ability to see anew. Perspective is built upon a direct result of how you think and feel about any situation, but perspective is not entirely governed by these contingencies. For a change of perspective, much like the road you’re driving your vehicle of thought and feelings on, will alter what kind of wheels, and motor you need to traverse it. Without the perspective of being poor, is it possible to truly understand a perspective of it? no. But by increasing the thought and feelings around the topic, you can get to a point where the perspective can become digestible. As we gain new experiences, both “positive” and “negative” , We are able to add to our perspective , and use our thoughts and feelings to create a way of life based on the singular point of those three entities coming together.

In defining these three things, I hope to show the complexity and diversity that exists among human thought. Each of the topics I’ve described are broken down into further points. Feelings, thoughts, perspectives, break down into brain chemistry, experiences, wants, desires, connections, will, and many other categories. With each small change in any of these factors creates a different human and a different line running along the board of life. And as our lines cross, we share a human experience. One in which we evaluate, we judge, we form an opinion. a perspective, and choose to share, meet people that are like minded, or change people to be more like minded. We create a space in which we are the most comfortable with what we know, even if it’s knowing that we don’t. When you think about life from this scope, matters such as racism, poverty, sickness, death, life, and everything in between, become understandable in reference to how humans react to it, why they react how they do, and how we as a human race have gotten to where we are now. There is a balance to maintain, in which people exist on both sides of the spectrum, and play a role in the scale of life. But that will be discussed in chapter 2.